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Our Story

The Sergi family has proudly produced high quality Table Grapes in Red Cliffs for over thirty years. Beginning with the conversion of his father’s original dried fruit property in 1984, Sam Sergi saw a bright future in the fresh fruit industry. The years of passionate dedication, innovation and hard work put in by Sam and his family have allowed SJDC Produce to sustainably grow to own and operate over two hundred acres of fresh fruit in the Red Cliffs area.


Our honest, humble, and straightforward approach to business dealings has made us one of the Sunraysia district’s most trusted names in horticulture.

Our Produce
Ralli Seedless
1st of Jan - 30th of Jan
Magenta seedless
25th of Jan - 15th of Feb
Crimson Seedless
1st of Feb - 30th of May
Sweet Globe
1st of Feb - 30th of April
Red Globe
15th of Feb - 20th of April
Scarlet Royal
1st of Feb - 30th of April
Sugar Crisp
20th of Mar - 15th of May
20th of Mar - 15th of May
Autumn King
15th of Apr - 30th of May
Eureka Seedless
1st of June - 1st of Aug
1st of Jul - 31st of Oct

Here at SJDC Produce, we pride ourselves on utilising the best growing, harvesting and processing practices available to provide delicious, fresh and safe fruit to our valued customers.


Our main export facility is a Department of Agriculture “Registered Establishment” which includes: 2300m2 under insulated roof for fruit receipt, processing, storage and dispatch, and 760m2 of cooling space spread across five separate rooms for pre-cooling and storage.


At SJDC, we know that our grapes are best served cold! We utilise state-of-the-art pressure cooling technology to cool down our freshly-harvested fruit fast!


Our main storage and loading facilities allow us to load trucks and shipping containers directly from within the coolroom – guaranteeing an unbroken cold chain, and maximising freshness for customers and consumers.


Domenic Sergi is an Authorised Officer of the Department of Agriculture. This gives us the ability to conduct quarantine inspections, initiate onshore and in-transit cold treatments, and load sea containers directly at SJDC Produce; this guarantees that the cold storage chain remains unbroken between the farm gate and the port of destination.


Our vineyards primarily utilise a combination drip and cooling spray irrigation system, as well as a standardised “V” type trellis system. We utilise cloud-based soil moisture and trunk diameter monitoring systems on every property, as well as state-of-the-art spraying equipment.


Our business is young and excited about the future! With a 100kW solar array installed to reduce our carbon footprint, and cutting-edge QR technology rolled-out to manage our farms and track our fruit, we look forward to the increased role that technology will play for farmers in the years ahead.

Farms and Facilities
world map
world map
Our Markets
SJDC Produce distributes its produce locally and ships to all major Asian markets. Our export facility registration combined with our extensive experience dealing in protocol markets allows us to help accommodate buyer needs.

Via our longstanding relationships, and through collaboration with our customers, the POP! brand has come to represent a premium brand and trusted fresh product. As our production scale and diversity expands, so too does our marketing effort. With new brands and products to come online in the near future, it is an exciting time to work with SJDC!

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SJDC Produce prides itself on its relationships.
We treat our customers and employees with the same respect and loyalty as we would a family member.
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